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The UAB Business Department and the Economics a Business Faculty,  offers this high‐quality Master in executive business management and international business management to university graduates in any discipline with 3 years or more of experience

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Participants gain knoweldge, skills and capabilites on Business Management  and International Business subjects, during one year in Barcelona (Spain). The Master is offered by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Business Department.

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Master in Executive Business Management (International Edition) 13 edition is starting in October 5th  from Monday to Thursday from 4.45 pm to 9 pm. Classes finish in September 2021. These represent 500 hours of lecture and 125 physical attendance days. IMBM is ready for offer remote classes when the health emergency requires




The Business Department at the UAB offers this high‐quality Master in matters referring management or business for university graduates in any discipline with 3 years or more of experience, wishing to study for a university Master’s in Business Management.
It delves deeply into all aspects of business management, including finance, technology and marketing, and gives a solid grounding in the functioning of companies focusing on results but still taking into account human and social values in the current economic climate.
It is profession-oriented and international in character: attracting students from all over the world and adopting English as its working language.
The final module includes specialized content about Advanced and International Business Management. This choice allows the program to better adjust to the profiles of its students and cater to their needs, particularly in view of the number of international student in the last few years, and it reflects the interest of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies in incorporating new subject areas to intensify the international nature of its course offer.
Our offer responds to a clear need to provide to students all around the world, the opportunity to attend high quality Business Management courses in Barcelona. The combination of academic and practical content together with the high quality teaching staff, make this master unique. The institutional and social support including entrepreneurship initiatives of the program means an exceptional opportunity for the students.

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Please find herewith some of the news related on events and activities that happen during this course. They are only a small example of the activities that are normally taking place.

 Resumen Symposium

IMBM Summer Symposium celebrated on June 2ond, 2020 was sponsored by the Master in Executive Business at the Business Department at the UAB. The aim of this symposium was to call the IMBM community (students, alumni, master and faculty professors, together with representatives of the companies that are providing support to the master by offering inter- ships to the students,…) to participate in a joint event that provides opportunities, for exchanging knowledge and experiences related with the Master. With the Keynote Speakers, it was an excellent occasion for exchanging experiences among alumni of the different editions. It was an outstanding moment for improving your knowledge and acquiring capabilities regarding Talent Management and Challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Participants connected were from Brasil, Egipt, Germany, US, Spain, Sweeden, Vietnam, and othe...


Francisco Rosique will conduct the session about Talent Management        Julia Palma will conduct the session about entrepreneurs challenges




Economy advanced Concepts in operational aspects of Executive Business Management

Advanced and specific knowledge for business management in the context of today’s global economy.


Economy Core Concepts for Executive Business Management

Specific business-management knowledge and skills pertaining to operational markets and human-resource policies.




About IMBM

The Business Department at the UAB offers this high‐quality Master in matters referring management or business for university graduates in any discipline with 3 years or more of experience, wishing to study a Master in Executive  Business Management – International Edition (IMBM). Our offer exclusively in English, arises from the clear need to response to students all around the world to attend these courses of high quality in Barcelona. The combination of content and teaching both academic and practical along with the quality of teaching staff, make this Executive master proposal of training, unique.


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